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The commercialisation of the globe

I read somewhere a phrase that sums up today perfectly: “God made the world. Everything else is made in China”. If you think about it, it’s more or less true. There are so many things nowadays that are produced in the Asian market, specifically China. Everything seems to be manufactured in mass produce that it seems to actually lose its worth, or even its value, let alone its quality. China offers cheap labour which means more revenue and thus more money. Money makes the world go round. But does it really? It actually stops the world (thanks K for this!). Everyone is so preoccupied with making money that they don’t really do much else. Money is the main aim of everyone’s life that they miss out on everything that is more important. Of course, if “money does not bring you happiness, it will at least help you be miserable in comfort” (Helen Gurley Brown). But is it really worth it? Money may definitely make life easier. But what happens when the stock markets crash or banks go bankrupt? When an economic crisis reigns over the until-then well-off nations? We are actually living the consequences. Life gets harder for those who lack it. But for those who have the money, it doesn’t seem as bad.

Our daily lives are overwhelmed with the insatiable quest for more money. Television is ruled by advertisements – their main source of revenue. Sometimes even to such an extent that advertisements dictate the time and length of TV programmes. Newspapers and print media also rely on advertisements for money, so much that they would be willing to leave out or ignore stories and important articles simply to please the whim of an advertiser.

Considering that, loads of money goes into electoral campaigns. Thousands of euros, dollars, yen, are invested into supporting a candidate whose main aim is usually to get elected in order to earn even more money and have the power to dictate how public money is spent. “A fool and his money are soon elected” as Will Rogers says, and it is true. There are very few politicians who actually deserve to speak for the people, or who actually know how to. Most of them are just there because they can afford to be.  Developed nations nowadays all depend on money. That’s how it all functions.

Money has become so important to everyone that there seems to be almost nothing that it cannot buy. Charlotte Dujardin (Equestrian Gold Olympic Medalist in Dressage) sold her Grand Prix horse in 2011 to another rider, stating that she accepted an offer she could not refuse, even though it was a tough decision. She admitted that it made financial sense and would not only allow her to buy a house but also a younger horse. But stated that it was the hardest decision she ever made, saying goodbye to her best friend after everything they had achieved together. But, if you don’t want to say goodbye, then there is simply no offer you can’t refuse. If something is more important to you than anything, then no price can ever be placed on it. That’s how it goes. But apparently, even horses that are the main reasons athletes win the equestrian distinctions and awards they do, are treated as an investment and being traded for the commodity that all want more of: money.

What is even more striking is how much every achievement, every opening, every step actually costs.  Dreams themselves may not cost anything, but making them come true does. And as Walt Disney rightly said “the biggest problem all my life…it’s money. It takes a lot of money to make these dreams come true”.

Everyone keeps lamenting that they never have enough money. The rich want more, and the poor simply want some. But it seems to be the main thought, aspiration, objective of everyone’s life. To have money. Enough to help you afford what it is you most want. How far you are willing to go to achieve that, however, is a different story…

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” – Will Smith

NB. I was prompted to note that I am not a Communist and have no such affiliation 😉


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