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pen-writingDifferent people have different things they’re good at. Different talents or ‘gifts’. Some are good at sports, at computers, or at telling jokes. Others draw, sing or paint. I write. Why? Because having a pen in my hand, a notebook on my lap and scribbling away feels natural. Because staring at a blank page on a screen long enough is bound to be followed by a few endless minutes of furious typing. Because the ideas in my head, to me, seem to be rushing out effortlessly onto the page. Because writing is my “thing”. It’s what I think I do best and most importantly, it’s what I enjoy.

So when and how do you know when you’ve found the one thing you want to do? How did I know, for example, that I wanted to write? When (early on) I read an article and was so mesmerised by how simple yet eloquent it appeared. At how it was so beautifully written yet it seemed so humble and elegant at the same time. When something causes your awe you know it is definitely worth it. And because in reading that article I felt the magic that I would want my readers to experience through my writing.

I write because I have something to say. And just like some people speak (even if often too much and without saying anything), I write. There is a deep and overwhelming sense of satisfaction when you know that people are reading your work and talking about it. Gratification coming without the cold sweat running down your spine and those numerous wide-open eyes staring at you and your every move. Plus, it gives you a chance at a second glance – a re-read and an edit. To add and subtract phrases or words. It offers you an opportunity to be as close as possible to perfect. To the best you can be.

For me writing entails a freedom that can hardly be found anywhere else. It allows you to pour out your soul, your ideas and your thoughts. Shamelessly, unabashed and unafraid. Writing gives you a voice even if you think you don’t have one. And if done well, through your writing you can persuade even a stubborn disbeliever into admitting or accepting your point of view, even if they do not agree with it. After all, it’s all in the expression.

So sometimes, the pen is indeed mightier than the sword (or any weapon or tool for that matter!). For in the end, characters, personalities, places and dreams are created by the pen and sometimes even lived as a result of it.  Through writing there is so much more to gain than to lose. And as long as your heart is guiding your hand, you will never be short of ideas. Writing is after all a passion. One that you feel, you live, and, you can share.


Also part of Daily Prompt: Express Yourself!


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24 thoughts on “Freedom in a pen

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  7. It’s lovely being able to edit what you write, even when you can’t always edit what you say! 🙂 Nice Post!


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  17. alienorajt on said:

    I absolutely agree with you on the writing front: it is my main way of expressing myself – and, for that very reason, I went a tad lateral in my post! I love what you said about writing giving you a voice even when you didn’t think you had one. So true. Great post.


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  21. Well summed up! I also find it essential to lay out my thoughts in writing regularly – one of my new year’s resolutions: to write at least one passage every week (ideally, every day). After all, Hemingway also didn’t complete his novels in one go, but much rather one page a day. Happy typing, scribbling, and editing!


  22. wooowww girl. i am having difficulty keeping up! 🙂


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