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The best time to write

time-to-writeThe best time to write is undoubtedly when inspiration strikes. But you can’t control that. So you end up feeling the urge to write when you’re getting ready for bed at 2am or even worse after you’ve spent the past ten minutes or so trying to find the most comfortable sleeping position and you’re finally wrapped up all nice and cozy under two layers of blanket. Another instance may be that you may fight the need to rush out and reach for a pen and paper when you’re already in the bathroom, under the shower, all wet and soapy. Or when you’ve finally fought off all distractions, and you’re ready to get (back) to work.

Inspiration emerges at the most ungodly of hours and when least expected. It’s like a Kinder egg surprise. You never know what you’ll get and when!

So, conclusion is: the best time to write is when inspiration strikes and you have writing material at hand, no matter where you are and what condition you are in!

N.B. Written at 2:10am on 31 January 2013…


Also part of Daily Prompt: Simply the Best


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