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The mystery phone call

redtelephoneI picked up the phone and dialed as quickly as I could. The news was hot and it had to be served immediately!

–        Dan hi! You’ll never believe this!

–        What’s up?

–        She did it again. Just couldn’t NOT, could she?

–        Who, Sarah?

–        Of course! Who else?

–        What did she do?

As soon as I started rambling about what had happened in full detail, I heard a beep on the other end. Line was down. And apparently…I was also talking to the wrong person!

NB. This story is a response to this weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge for exactly 33 words of dialogue.


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3 thoughts on “The mystery phone call

  1. I want to know what Sarah did, too!


  2. I can hear this – not quite all dialogue unless it is being told 3rd person to someone else? 🙂 Maybe a “Julie, you’ll never guess . . .” but then you’d have to cut words somewhere.


  3. Aw, too bad we’ll never know what Sarah did 😦


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