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So, what’s the mood today?

Next mood swingMood swings are a woman’s great challenge and a man’s greatest fear. It is when your emotions oscillate between euphoria and depression. When your feelings may in seconds change from being hyper active and cheerful, to a melancholic melodrama of a person living in a soap opera. When a hysterical hyena laugh gives way to unstoppable sobbing. An uncontrollable rambling becomes moments of not saying even a word. When your optimism alternates to pessimism and the colours in your head, with which you view the world, fade out to shades of grey, and black and white. When you go from shaking your hips with Shakira, to swing dancing with Frank Sinatra, to puffing a cigarette with a shot of whisky while listening to the wailing of Mr Leonard Cohen. When from running around all day, you decide you don’t even want to get out of bed.

You laugh, you cry, and most of the times you don’t even know why you do any of them. And the worst of all is that you can’t control it, particularly if you’re a woman during your PMS week.

The thing about mood swings is that in some way they liberate you. In these fast-paced lives we live in, our bodies need to find a way to slow us down somehow. Working your way out of your troubles, worries and concerns will only burden your system to an extent where a break down is imminent. The hormone stimulation causing the mood swings is therefore a way of pushing the “pause” button. Gaining a moment to collect your thoughts. To let out all that is drowning you inside and for so long you fail to say so. To let the tears run down and wash away the pain. It is liberating. Soothing. A consolation that comes in the most natural of ways. But the best thing about mood swings is that if you have someone to face them with, then you know that person is truly special…


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3 thoughts on “So, what’s the mood today?

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  3. “The thing about mood swings is that in some way they liberate you.”

    I prefer the enslavement of happiness.


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