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Mary and the Berry

Shepherdess Mary herding sheep
There was once a young maiden named Mary,
Who had no sheep to graze in the prairie.
She was pretty and sweet,
Could never say no to a treat,
And always dreamt of meeting a fairy.
She wanted to be independent and might,
To prove she could really put up a fight.
But was suppressed and controlled,
By great ogres at night,
Who would keep her locked up,
In a tower out of spite,
For she had taken their last shiny berry.
Tears ran down her face as she wept,
For this fate she could not bear to accept.
The berry she hid for emergency only,
But indeed it kept her from feeling so lonely.
One sparkly bright night,
With a full moon in clear sight,
Mary sang and wished for a pony,
To run with in the fields,
And laugh and feel full of yields,
And no longer feel all skinny and bony.
Light streamed through the moon,
And the berry transformed in full bloom,
To a stunning red little fairy.
Your wish my command,
She said with a whisk of her wand,
And Mary was full of joy and so airy!
Quickly she blinked like a star,
And with the grace of a czar,
She made her prized wish.
The fairy turned with a swish,
The room filled with light,
 And Mary felt so delight,
As her wish was appearing before her!
A palace from the tower appeared,
And as the ogres drew near,
In dark grey clouds they disappeared. 
As sheep they emerged,
For so Mary had urged,
The berry had magically purged them.
So she now had her sheep,
And also met Little Bo Peep.
They lived a life full of leisure,
But always with good measure,
As they ran and played in the prairie.
Then out of nowhere two princes appeared,
The unaware maidens they neared,
Briskly lifted them of their feet,
And being so royally discreet,
So began their majestic love affairs.

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