MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

Could it be?

dogopolyThe window was halfway down so he could easily pop his head out, gazing at the passers-by.

“Hey pup! How ya doin?”

“All right. Not too shabby, I would say. Out for the day’s walk. How about you?”

“Good. Just got up from my nap. Tiring day today. Was up since dawn. You know, had to chase after breakfast. My stomach was growling!”

“Ah, I know that feeling. I just hope the economic crisis doesn’t cling on us too!”

“Hey pretty! Nice bow you got there!”

“Oh thanks, Dane! Just got out of the salon. You like the new style?”

“Suits you perfectly darling! You should pass by more often. Makes the sun shine brighter!”

“Oh stop, you’re making me blush!”

BRRRRRGGGGGGRRRRRRR!!!! The neighbor next door started the lawn mower. I was abruptly woken up from my daydream and reinstated back to reality.

Suddenly the Great Dane sitting by the window moved back indoors, while the Labrador puppy out front startled and dashed away, dragging its teenage owner with it.  Even the little white poodle with the pretty pink bow which previously appeared as parading down a runway now rushed to distance herself from all the noise.

Go figure, and I thought all that woofing and barking was a racket. They might as well have been having a conversation. If I could only understand what they were saying. It even seemed like they saluted each other before they ran off. Could it be?


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