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On the tip of a pointe

The-Ballerina-IVShe loved the feeling of freedom that came along with a double pirouette. And how the movement en pointe was always so graceful and yet so dynamic. There was so much energy in the dance, in the music of Tchaikovsky and Strauss. She absolutely loved it all. Ballet was her passion. Her life.

She still remembered her first show. How she tightly tied up her hair in a bun and graced it with feathers to complete the outfit of a young swan in the relevant story. She felt part of it all, from the minute she put on those soft pink ballet slippers as an infant still. And then, when she gained the privilege of wearing the pointes! She felt more alive than ever. For her, ballet entailed a passion for life that no one could understand. It was telling a story to an audience but at the same time actually living it, experiencing the pain, the anguish, the excitement, the joy, the happiness. It all appeared so real precisely because that it was how it felt. Ballet was a passion rooted in the heart. And the perfect ballerina knew how to convey it to the public because she could transmit that energy and that feeling to anyone who witnessed her dance. She could be so free, beautiful and elegant and at the same time so powerful, forceful and vibrant. She could be just about anything she wanted.

Tonight was her big performance. She was now part of the most renowned ballet company in the world. And she was the prima ballerina. It was her dream! And it was coming true before thousands of people who came to watch. She could still recall all the steps that led up to this. How she twirled in a tutu as a child, and how she pirouetted on the tips of her toes as an adult. It was hard work and sacrifices, but it was all worth it. Because this is what she wanted to do. And this is how she wanted to say it. Ballet was an art, written with grace in the heart. And she wanted to let it out – to allow it to stream out of her and embrace each and every one among the audience. This was her night. It was her time to shine like a bright star in a clear evening sky. The world was at the tips of her pointes and she was ready to conquer it…

Also part of Daily Prompt: The Excitement Never Ends

Also part of Daily Prompt: Pains and Gains


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7 thoughts on “On the tip of a pointe

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  2. Well done! I loved this. I also used to dance classical ballet. This took me back. Sigh… Ballet is a perfect representation of “No pain, No gain.” While I’m not on the bandwagon for needing great pain to make gains (maybe this is because I became ill with chronic pain at a young age) but using a ballerina’s story is acceptable, lol. And i enjoyed it.


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