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A dark act

theatre_stageDarkness, like an evil wizard, had engulfed her soul end to end, carefully tucking away the edges. She could just about picture how it would all happen and that made her shiver despite the stifling heat outside. All color was erased from her normally peachy cheeks as the image ran through her head. Right when the swan song would sound, when that majestic figure would gracefully dance its last breath away, when the notes from that classic masterpiece would delicately pluck the strings of each heart in the room, right then. That is when they would strike. They would barge in, breaking down the theatre doors and charge in like soldiers of the apocalypse, with their bazookas and Kalashnikovs at hand, pointing them at anyone who would dare to even move. It would be horrible. And that was why she had to avert it at all costs. She had to do something to save her job, her dignity, her life. She had to fight. It wasn’t going to be easy. But she would try.

The doorbell rang as the rain could be heard drizzling down the tin roof from the attic. It was monsoon season. And it was also pitch black outside. A sign of the gloom to come? She was still horrified from the dreadful “could-have-beens” that had overwhelmed her. With a trembling hand she opened the door. She wasn’t really expecting anyone. So when she saw David standing there she was even more shocked than before. Especially since in his right hand he was holding a dagger. And it was dripping blood.

Also part of this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge to include the third definition of the word color:

color (noun)
3: complexion tint:
a : the tint characteristic of good health
b : blush


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22 thoughts on “A dark act

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  8. hehehe David that naughty man. I can only imagine


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  10. Impending doom hangs heavy in the air. More, please.


  11. Loved the lines”They would barge in, breaking down the theatre doors and charge in like soldiers of the apocalypse..”Great build up & an equally intriguing end!Dying to know more:-)


  12. Wow – tragedies colliding I’d say. Lots of conflict, and it’s all converged on her. Nice!


  13. Draug’s comment cracked me up…messy murders 🙂

    The ending does pique my curiosity. I hope the story continues because there are so many questions!


  14. Draug419 on said:

    Whoa, what’s going to happen next?! Will the attack be averted?! And why can’t murderers learn to wash their hands?! (: Great piece!


  15. Great piece. It has a strong build-up of fear.

    I want to know what happened with David and the dagger.


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