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An unexpected awakening

Misty drinkKarin woke up feeling her head was about to explode. Had she fainted? She looked around but what she saw had happened was very different from what she remembered. And why did she have blood all over her hands?

The last thing she recalls is having a drink at home with Regina. Come to think of it, it was her shadow that she saw running hastily away after David’s shooting. But was David really shot? He had no bullet signs; instead Karin had a wound on her arm from where a bullet scraped her. David on the other hand seemed stabbed. And the dagger lay right there next to Karin.

So what on earth had happened?

Karin had to remember. She had to force herself out of this trance and recall what happened. What really happened and not what she mistily thought did.

So, she was having a drink with Regina, to congratulate Karin on her lead role in the performance, and Regina was telling her that she did deserve it – a hint of sarcasm with a lot of jealousy?

Then Regina asked for a refill, and Karin left the room for a minute. When she came back, she did taste something a bit different in her drink. And then it all became fuzzy. As if she was living a dream, or rather a nightmare! So Regina had given her a drug; one that allegedly was the door to paradise – or hell – from the likes of it.

So, what had happened? Was Regina so jealous that she caused Karin to kill the person she loved the most? And not even remember it? And then, what? Regina even tried to shoot her off?

And what was David doing there anyway? Was he trying to warn her?

The piece of paper Karin had found in David’s pocket still lay there on the floor. She picked it up, with the clouds now removed from her eyes and read it clearly:

“Trust no one. Not even yourself”.

Also part of this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge to include the third definition of the word door:

3: a means of access or participation : opportunity <opens new doors> <door to success>



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26 thoughts on “An unexpected awakening

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  8. Oh,oh,things are getting more & more complicated for poor Karin!Loving the way this story is progressing:-)


  9. KymmInBarcelona on said:

    Karin seems to have stepped through the wrong door…


  10. Very well written. Nicely done!


  11. Draug419 on said:

    This took another interesting turn!


  12. the ending ties it all together nicely.


  13. Uncomfortable is not the word for poor Karin. Good read.


  14. Ominous words on that note, given the circumstances. I’m curious where Regina is now 🙂


  15. Very nice suspense in a short space. (Is this an oxymoron? nice – suspense) I hope there is more.


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