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A brilliant run

running-girl-with-headphones-and-dog (2)The sun was shining this morning. The birds were singing. The trees were in bloom. It was a perfect day for a run.

Sophie put on her running shoes and was out the door as soon as she had drawn the curtains and saw the beauty of nature streaming in through her windows.

She would follow a different route today. Through the park and along the beach. It would be simply brilliant.

The park was bustling with life today. People of all ages decided to take advantage of the warm spring day and took their children, friends, pets to the outdoors for some real fun. Different to the digital one usually enjoyed on screens.

Running through the park felt cool. Not just because she could observe the habits and quirks of people there, but because the shelter of the trees actually blocked out some of the suns burning rays.

Sooner than she even realized, Sophie reached the beach. Running on the sand with the waves timidly approaching your feet was a whole different feeling. And there she saw another group of people. Who were even bathing in the cool waters of the sea, while some dogs were sprinting across, kicking up sand and playing Frisbee. It was a marvel. The joy of feeling alive.

There was so much wonder in the world, so much to notice through a daily habit; things we are too busy or too self-absorbed to even see. Sophie ended her run, content at all she saw and experienced. She felt the physical exercise had also cleansed her soul. Whoever said a run was simply boring and tiring?


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