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The feeling of freedom

5272593-a-small-rabbit-in-a-field-of-grassShe was excited. It was her first day free! Free at last! Her heart was pounding, and the adrenaline rush was causing her vision to blur. She was ready. She had been for so long. It was all she could look forward to. And now…Now the time had finally arrived!

She had been a prisoner for so long…behind those bars. Being controlled in every way. On when to eat, sleep, and…well, you know…

It was just terrible. Nerve racking. Oppressive. Dull. And even claustrophobic at times – especially when thunder and lightning were the evening spectacle. She felt so alone in there. With nowhere to go.

Then, she would evoke her imaginative friend Clara and they would chat for hours until sunrise, when sunshine would take over the sky from the reigns of the angry night. She would tell Clara how she felt, stifled and distressed. But at times, even Clara wouldn’t understand her. She would say she was a drama-queen. Or that she was pedantic and couldn’t squeeze the juice out of the lemons life had handed her. But as much as Zuzu looked, she couldn’t find any lemons.

Yet, today the day had finally come! The sun was shining and a cool breeze had stated its presence through the crack by the door. It was a perfect day. And Tom and Jenny thought so too. Zuzu could see they were just as excited as she was. The picnic basket was all set, and they were finally out the door. She was one step closer to freedom.

Ten minutes later. They were there. In that amazing green field of so many munchies! The local park seemed like heaven to Zuzu. She was finally left out of her cage with a warning not to go too far.  She hopped out, shook off the cage air from her fur, waggled her little furry tail, pointed up her big ears and with her tiny nose wiggling faster than ever, began to hop rapidly through the grass.

Also part of Trifecta Writing Challenge to include the third definition of the word PEDANTIC (adjective) –  : unimaginative, pedestrian

Also part of Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow– Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.

Also part of Daily Prompt: Perspective


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18 thoughts on “The feeling of freedom

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  13. shreyapunj on said:

    Read so many about the cats, rabbit made me go all fuzzy and warm.
    Very well written.
    Could feel the grass tickling my belly!


  14. Draug419 on said:

    I’ve read somewhere that tame rabbits hate being outdoors. It terrifies them. But this one seems happy enough so maybe it has a bit of wild side in it 😉 Great piece!


  15. How wonderful it must be for a rabbit to finally escape from the cage. I think you captured this perfectly. Well done!


  16. I like this from the rabbit’s point of view. I imagine it does feel stifling to not be able to hop through the grass.


  17. This was interesting to read, with a unique perspective, and I like how the identity, Zuzu being a rabbit, is learned at the end of the story (the picture didn’t clue me in right away… thought it might have been a hamster or GP).


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