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DigitalDetox-Tell-IT-Media-300x201You know what, I think it’s time to take a break. People nowadays are so caught up with being online all the time that they actually forget to live in the reality that surrounds them. Indeed, everyone is too addicted to digital technology and social media, that even a three-year old can hijack your “i-thingy” and appear more knowledgeable at it than you do!

It’s a compulsive obsession. This need to advertise every single thing you do. Or don’t. It’s often annoying. But then again, even though everyone complains about it, the majority still does it too.  And no matter how much people say they hate social media, why are they not logging off then? It’s as if something is drawing them in. There’s a survey too to prove it!

But what is most annoying though is the fact that we live in an era where it appears almost impossible to live without constantly looking at a screen, no matter its size. Wherever you go, at whatever time of day, people of all ages are staring into a touchscreen, be it a phone, a tablet or a computer. They even gather together “to meet and catch up” and instead spend the entire time focused on that technological marvel in front of them.

Maybe we do need a digital detox after all. To get back in touch with what really matters. To actually pay attention to what others are saying to you. To make the person sitting opposite you and talking to you, feel important and not challenging them to compete (often in vain) with a touchscreen.

Sometimes you just need to step away for a moment and clear your head. After all, a decade ago (and no that’s not too far away), there were no such things, and people did live better, healthier and often longer. Ergo…?

So next time you’re out with your friends for coffee don’t look at your phone at all – don’t even put it on the table, cause that’s annoying too and extremely distracting for all.

Come on, can you bear it? I dare ya!


Also part of Trifecta Writing Challenge for the prompt word APPEAR:
3: to have an outward aspect : seem <appears happy enough>

Also part of Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs – Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Also part of Daily Prompt: Bloggers, Unplugged


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28 thoughts on “Digital Detox

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  5. Nice entry … begs dialog.


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  14. flowofmysoul on said:

    Great post! Some times it is scary how people are addicted to all the “ithingy”. It is logical, but i think we need to know the edge where to stop. Today kids play with ipads instead of playing football.

    Whenever i feel i want to stay on my own, or private with my lovely ones, or even with my friends i simply leave my phone in the car, or completely switch it off if it is with me. However i always call back to everybody who called me during my off times, would it be same day or next morning. I can’t say i am not addicted to digital world, because it is our future, but i can say that i have a clear border between my life and my phone. You live on average 80 years, with our latest digital technologies you can do much more in your life, you can explain or present things better using computers.
    As an example i will put martial arts, back in 60’s and 70’s if you wanted to see new martial art schools, new techniques you had to travel for a long time to visit some distant place and to see it your self. Now you can simply go to youtube and find most of the things you need. Of course it is a low quality information, it is only a video, but it is very close to you. You save tons of time practicing and improving your body instead of traveling.

    But everything should have its limits, we all know that a lot of something is almost always harmful, having balance in everything is the best way to go.


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  19. KymmInBarcelona on said:

    Not a lot of people I hang with have smart phones, so I feel fortunate! Like everything else, gotta learn how to use it all.


  20. Draug419 on said:

    I’m content within my digital world, thank you haha 😀


  21. I think that we have forgotten that the computer, internet, and smartphone are tools that are supposed to work for us — not the other way around! I have found myself fighting the Pavlovian need to check and re-check and have gotten in the habit of just shutting things off for a while. I find when I come back that I haven’t really missed anything that couldn’t wait a little while.


  22. Great points here! My kids have iPods (that they saved up and bought with their own money) but we do collect the electronics periodically so they don’t have an excuse not to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. (And sometimes, we even go with them :))


  23. I may be deluded, but I’m of the opinion that this is just a passing thing. That because this technology is all new to all of us, of course we’re obsessed with it. I think the fact that everyone also complains about it (like you said) is a good sign that the pendulum will eventually swing away from the extremes and settle towards a happy medium. Maybe I’m just nuts. 🙂

    Thanks for linking! Please don’t stop using ALL forms of technology. We’d miss you. 🙂


  24. Certainly I can 🙂 I spend my fair share of time in front of my computer (mostly writing) but I also read a great deal and spend as much time as I can behind the camera lens, recording, absorbing, and mastering what I can share later.

    I enjoyed your writing.


  25. My boss and I were talking about this subject this morning. He refuses to use text messaging. He says he needs to hear the person talking to really understand what they are saying. I can’t say that he’s wrong.


  26. GREAT essay! I could not agree more. The irony, of course, is that I am reading this online and it is 72 degrees out and light breeze. Thanks for making me THINK.



    • Hi! I am here through my friend Coco..saw this post and curious! I was about to write my next article about how different I knew my world in the 1980s, how I used to make my own love letters when my husband and I were still in our sweetheart stage. Gathering my thoughts and thinking how to start, I keep on rolling my mouse. During those years, I have never touched a computer or cellphones. The old style in college I saw that but looks like robot to me. So naïve! Given a talent in art, I love doing all my projects through handwriting. Drawing, coloring, pasting…all by my hands. When I fell in love, I wrote “love letters” in different forms, colors and envelopes as cute as I can. Everything handmade. The thrill and joy of sending them and receiving a love letter back through the help of a friend was one precious part of my life. How would I know that when I reach this age, everything would be electronics?

      I started to learn computers, in its real sense, 8 years ago. But not the way I use it now. People got intoxicated, especially children, because its a part of knowledge and knowing. Lovers get to know someone from afar because of online dating etc. Google has unique approach in helping people as in ANYTHING, Facebook has become people’s next home. Truly, the 21st century has moved communication like a speed of light. Love letters became digital. It’s incomparable to the real ones.

      DISCIPLINE is what people need to learn. The actual life is being ignored because they don’t have willingness to look and see other things around them. Setting a time, and for parents who allow their children to get stuck in front of their computers, internet cafes are around. It’s just a matter of discipline. Friends talk, people in the business meet, children at school play and learn.

      Yes, most people are already obsessed because we are in the computer age. This is the reality.

      Very interesting post. Goodluck to you!


      • Thank you for your well-written comment! It is exactly as you say it! People nowadays are just so fixed onto their digital gadgets that they have no sense of anything else. And that is what needs to change…


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