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Murder on the rocks

MafiamanShe noticed him as soon as he came into the clubhouse. He was dressed in a sleek Armani suit (or was it Hugo Boss?) from top to bottom, with shoes so shiny he could see his reflection in them. His fedora with a silver star gleaming on the rim seemed brand new, as if he had worn it simply to make an impression that night. And the smoke emitted from his Cuban cigar made him fit right in to the foggy atmosphere at the club.

“Hey Al, how ya doin’?”

“What’s up Al? How’s the missus or should I say who’s the new one?”

Everybody knew Al.

He was a frequent patron at the clubhouse and one of the founding members of the club. He was responsible for screening new entries and evaluating existing ones. His word was law. Everyone respected him out of fear of being on the receiving end of his rage or displeasure. And everyone knew you should never anger Al. Not that anyone ever saw him angry. But Al was like a silent river; you never hear it coming. And the way he acted in order to clear his anger was unexpected. That is why it was so efficient. And why he (still) had never been caught.

“Hey doll. Gimme a whiskey, will ya?”

Even his voice was charming. At least that is what Lola thought, as she went behind the bar to prepare his drink. The usual, on the rocks. Because that too was one of his trademarks.

Al could draw all eyes on him the minute he walked into a place. Let alone a club he partly owned.

But tonight was different. Tonight he wanted to pass unnoticed. Because what people couldn’t see was the revolver hidden in his left inside pocket. It was fully loaded and ready to take revenge on Anthony. He had betrayed Al. And no-one betrays Al. That was a lesson he was about to learn.

Also part of the Trifecta Writing Challenge. The prompt word was CLUB:

3a : an association of persons for some common object usually jointly supported and meeting periodically; also : a group identified by some common characteristic <nations in the nuclear club>
b : the meeting place of a club <lunch at the club>
c : an association of persons participating in a plan by which they agree to make regular payments or purchases in order to secure some advantage
d : nightclub
e : an athletic association or team

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4 thoughts on “Murder on the rocks

  1. Great atmosphere in this. Shades of Casablanca and Raymond Chandler stories. I can almost hear Frank Sinatra singing Mack the Knife in the background. Love the feel of this one.


  2. Reading Raymond Chandler right now. Right here with ya, taking notes, slapping a babe and nursing a scotch.


  3. Bryan Ens on said:

    well done. Now I want to know more about Anthony!


  4. Draug419 on said:

    I love these noir-ish pieces. Great work!


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