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A dog in protection

Ready to Play!Melinda was ecstatic! She dreamt of going to Castle Rock, mainly because she expected a castle to be there and felt like a little princess-in-waiting ever since her mother announced their weekend trip. The family was undergoing a marital crisis, as often occurs to couples who are too involved in their careers rather than in their lives.

Driving up to the town, Melinda kept looking out for a St. Bernard dog. She was told his name was Cujo and she pictured him as the big, security guard of her castle. The one who would protect her from the “baddies”.

Little did she know that she would need protection from him.

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7 thoughts on “A dog in protection

  1. King has a way of piling on those with issues.


  2. Those kids from troubled marriages have the worst luck in Stephen King books. Poor Danny Torrence almost got killed.


  3. But will the story be continued throughout the next several days? THAT is the question. “dun-dun-DUN!”


  4. I like the positive spin you took to open this, and then the twist at the end. Nice!


  5. Because of King, I will never vacation in Maine.


  6. I can hear the “dun-dun-DUN!” music now. 🙂


  7. All work and no play makes for a bad day in Castle Rock. Well done, you!

    To share the blog love, could you link up to the other bloggers in BlogShorts? I know they’d like to stop by and say hi. You can find the links at the bottom of my post today. Thanks much!


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