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Dog to the rescue

LASSIETimmy had fallen down the well again and it was up to Lassie to go pull him out. Again. The cats weren’t any help either. As soon as they saw Lassie grab the rope and jog along to the well, they thought it was “tug war” time and sprinted up, playfully pulling back the rope.

Now is not the time!” thought Lassie, as she stared down on the cats. They did not seem to care though. So Lassie just pulled them along with her.

Timmy was yelling “help!”. “We heard ya!” she thought as she “accidentally” pushed over the bucket of water which fell down the well with a “splash!”.

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5 thoughts on “Dog to the rescue

  1. Lassie’s patience is slipping. Watch out Timmy!


  2. There seems to be a large contingent of anti-Timmy-ness in this crop of writers! 🙂


  3. It’s about time that little Timmy got what was coming to him!


  4. So glad she didn’t drown the cats.


  5. Poor, long-suffering Lassie!


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