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A dog in uniform

Snoopy - Woodstock (2)The Red Baron was off on a top-secret mission. Not even his closest assistant – that yellow bird that flew upside down – could know. He was flying above the fields close to headquarters. But the WWII veteran would stop him. He glided across the skies. What a skilled pilot he was!

He landed safely on the airfield. Mission completed successfully.

Snoopy got down from the roof of his shed. Woodstock was already swimming in his bowl – due to another crash landing.

Snoopy turned around to the sound of fan-screams. “Hi Sweetie!” he said. “A dog in uniform is irresistible”, he thought. And alas, a crowd of Snoopettes appeared chasing after him!

This story is part of BlogShorts 2013. Other participants barking their tale include:
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4 thoughts on “A dog in uniform

  1. Snoopy was always knocking the Red Baron out of the sky.


  2. I think it was probably the aviator sunglasses!


  3. Snoopettes!


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