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The boxer and the cat

Boxer dogNeo was lying around the yard. There was no-one around to play ball with. He seemed to cause a sensation with his appearance.

Even during his walks, people would cross to the other side of the road. It wasn’t his fault he was big, seeming vicious. Inside he was as harmless as a sheep, and simply adorable!

He was expecting Mindy to show up any time now. She was the black-and-white cat who came over to share his food. In fact, one day when it was sizzling hot and Neo was indoors in the air-conditioning, she was sitting outside knocking on the door.

He wouldn’t have her starve today though!

 N.B. This is a true story 🙂


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3 thoughts on “The boxer and the cat

  1. So many big dogs are huge sweeties at heart.


  2. Cats and dogs. If only their relationships were always this supportive.
    Thanks so much for joining in on BlogShorts. I hope you had fun; I did. 🙂


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