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YogamanDo you ever feel the urge to take out your anger on something? And always have “buy a punch bag” at the top of your list but somehow never get around to doing so? Like you need to find a way to calm your nerves, defuse your irritation and overcome your frustration with all the annoying things around you? Because it just is so true, that common sense is simply not common at all. And that what you think is obvious, may not be so for so many others. Either way, everyone needs to find a way to channel this enclosed negative adrenaline into a healthy outlet.

Some choose yoga, Pilates or even kick-boxing.

But there is one thing similar in all these activities. They all prompt you to “just breathe”.

In fact, one of the principles of managing your frustration and remaining calm is to breathe and count to ten. It will help you relax and lower the adrenaline levels that are surmounting inside you.

In Anger Management Jack Nicholson used a single expression as a mantra to do just this. Sitting in lotus position with hands in meditative mudra, he intoned “Goos Frabaaaaa.”

Goosfraba is also a word that Eskimos use to calm down their children. So it is not surprising that this was chosen as the key to nerve-control. (It is also a word Eskimos use when they’re having sex – but that is a completely different story).

So next time someone parks in your spot, an employee is rude, or you simply cannot communicate with the people you work with, just breathe and exhale “Goosfrabaaaa”.

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13 thoughts on “Goosfraba

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  2. bartolayryan on said:

    I always use this phrase at work especially when theres tight deadlines. It helps actually. I wonder what are the other tantras like this.


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  4. I definitely need this, when I get mad my first reaction is to yell, my second is to punch something or throw something. Just cause general destruction. If I’m really mad I want to burn something. I don’t because I’m scared of fire (I’m a bit pathetic!) but I think about it…and that makes me feel better! But the breathing thing is probably better for mental health! Great post!


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  7. I was confused by the title, then I said it out loud and automatically recognised it. 😀
    Weird how one can get so caught up in their thoughts that they forget to breathe properly. From my post, I think following your advice wouldn’t go amiss:


  8. Thanks for the tips! I’ve found taking a moment to breathe helps a great deal!


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