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The easiest ‘hello’s are the hardest ‘goodbye’s

breakup3-800x400Mark fell in love with Nadine the minute she walked in the door. Her large round eyes reminded him of a squirrel lost in a huge park looking for its acorn. She was adorable and he knew that a spark had been ignited. She was the girl he was waiting for and he would do whatever he could to enchant her. A love is only as powerful as the strength of its constituent mutual feelings.

Nadine seemed lost. She did not know where she was in life. All her dreams seemed to dissolve and everything appeared so much harder in reality. This was not what she had hoped to experience. She was indeed lost. And then she met this charming young gentleman who made her laugh whole-heartedly and to whom she could confide her thoughts, feelings and worries. He was the shoulder to lean on when all else disappeared.

The spark grew and the flame was brighter than ever. Winds and tornadoes tried to blow it out but somehow they both managed to keep it alight.

But then Lady Discord opened her wings and the flame began to die out. The couple fought more often about silly things and they began to even question their very relationship. The one they struggled so far to maintain.

When Mark surpassed his limits one day and yelled at Nadine everything he was holding back so long, things that no one would want to hear from their loved one, from the person that was supposed to stand by them, Nadine knew that something had to change.

So she made the leap. And left. With a broken heart and an uncertain dream.

When she went to Lille she hoped things would be different. That she would finally realize her dreams. That she would find the opportunities she longed for and be liberated from the crushing sense of inadequacy that was drowning her.

Mark was inconsolable. He even flew to Lille and tried to find her. But how do you find a needle in a haystack?

He was waiting for her in the central square for six hours. She knew it as the time-stamp on his mobile messages proved, but she never appeared.

He left with the hope that she would see his message. The one that said “I was here looking for my heart. You took it and I cannot live without it. Or without you”.


Inspired by the story of a 22-year old Greek boy who flew to Lille to apologise to his ex-girlfriend (who was there on Erasmus) for foolishly breaking up with her after an incredible two months.


Also part of Daily Prompt: He’s (She’s) So Fine


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3 thoughts on “The easiest ‘hello’s are the hardest ‘goodbye’s

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  3. I nice way to complete this prompt.


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