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Lara and the balloons

balloon burstWhen Lara was a little girl, she used to anticipate her grandmother’s visits like a swallow looks forward to spring. Every time her grandmother came, she would bring her something. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, Lara loved surprises. One day her grandmother came with a bag of balloons. Lara could not sit still from the excitement. She immediately drew out a red balloon and started blowing it up. It took so much effort and almost all the air in her lungs to do so, but she could still recall how happy and proud she felt when she saw that big balloon now flying from her fingertips across the room.

She spent the whole day chasing after the balloon; carefree and happy.

But she could not understand one thing: why had her grandmother brought her a whole bag of balloons when all she needed was one?

The next morning, she woke to find that the red balloon had deflated slightly. But that did not stop her from spending as much time as was allowed throwing the balloon into the air and running after it.

But then it happened.

The balloon flew into a cactus, fell onto a thorn and popped. All of a sudden, it was gone. All that effort and excitement to blow it up, to inflate it full of dreams of what could be, were all suddenly ceased. All it took was the sharp end of the smallest of things.

Lara stood in shock, gazing at the remnants of the red balloon lying in demolition on the cactus.

She heard footsteps rushing from behind her. Her mother came over, grabbed her shoulder and hugged her. She then offered her the little bag of balloons her grandmother had brought the other day.

“Now you see why balloons come in groups? They are so easily burst. But you must never give up. There are always more. And as long as you have air in your lungs, you can always fill another and be excited again”.

Lara smiled at her mother, grabbed a yellow balloon from the bag and began blowing air in it again, hopeful that this time it would last a bit longer.

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