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The forgotten mansion


©J Hardy Carroll

It was this time of year a few years ago when the mansion’s garden sprung to life as the flowers and tress bloomed, splashing the entire neighbourhood in colour and granting surrounding residents with a sense of renewed optimism.

The silver gate gleamed in the sunlight, and was almost always open, welcoming guests into this “hint of paradise”.

But then it happened. As if a dark cloud settled over the mansion; everything crumbled. The garden was abandoned in sorrow, and the gate was closed.

The mansion was now left deserted, with only the memory of the life that once was.


Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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5 thoughts on “The forgotten mansion

  1. I wonder what happened to cause the dark cloud to descend?

    Click to read my story

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  2. Awww…
    Your bit about the flowers reminded me of the bulbs I always planted in the places we lived. Friends told us they were memories of us the next spring. So it is with the house here blooming memories of past residents.


  3. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover on said:

    Paradise Lost – nicely done.

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  4. michael1148humphris on said:

    It is sad when great things spiral downwards. A fine piece of writing.

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  5. Nice piece. Wonder what the dark cloud was, or what caused it. Thought provoking.

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