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Receiving a daily jolt is often said that a small shock, a surprise or an adrenaline boost rejuvenates your system because it causes you to…well…wake up!

Sometimes you need such a jolt. Something to stir you out of your mundane, almost automatic daily routine.

It’s not really something you look for. It’s rather something that arrives on its own. When you least expect it. The best things usually come like that – unexpectedly.

So, free your mind from automation and allow yourself to add a spring to your step and a daily change in the things you usually do. You’ll see a great difference. Because even the smallest alterations may lead to great results.

You just need to try it and be optimistic it will work out.


Also part of Daily Prompt: Jolt

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One thought on “Receiving a daily jolt

  1. Jo Manzi-Crean on said:

    I love this post. I am new to WordPress, just going through the Fundamentals course, Day Twelve, looking to participate in the conversation. Quite a few of the entries only use jolt once in their entry and it looks more like a mere ploy to get people commenting on their sites, to build traffic. But your post really addresses the term. Thanks so much! I’d really appreciate your opinion on my post:

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