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Destruction in the dark


©Dale Rogerson

They had gone to the exotic island looking for calm, relaxation and an escape from everything. Instead, what they found there was far from it.

As the full moon rose behind the clouds, sirens were heard – police, firebrigades, ambulances, you couldn’t tell.

Natives said they never before had seen such a destruction. A fire raging in the centre of town, people screaming, panicking, not knowing what to do. Viewing the commotion alone was enough to make you agitated, even if you were just a bystander.

For days, stories of witnesses, of survivors, of victims’ relatives would haunt everyone’s TV screen.


Also part of Friday Fictioneers



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9 thoughts on “Destruction in the dark

  1. Dale on said:

    Well done, Maria. Peace and tranquility once again ruined by crazy…


  2. This is why I like “staycations”.

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  3. What terror! Well captured.

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  4. Dear Maria,

    I wonder if there is any such thing these days of getting away from it all. Well done.



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  5. I agree with Jellico. I hate the violence, so senseless and evil, but you did a great job writing the story.

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  6. I imagine this is a tribute to London and the horrific realty they’re facing this week. It is perfect for that. But, it could be for any number of incidents, it’s perfect for that, too. Well written. Hate to say I enjoyed it, but as a tribute, I really did. This is definitely a ‘Keeper’.

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    • Thank you. Indeed, current affairs is a source of inspiration and something that, even unconsciously, sticks to your mind.

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      • Aye, it does. Even the images on TV are most disconcerting. And the witness/victim reports… had to turn the TV off last night entirely. Between the shootings at the Congressional baseball practice, shootings at the UPS facility, the finding of a local teengirl’s body, the London Fire, etc, etc, etc. It was just TOO much.


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