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The de-stressing office objects


©Claire Sheldon

She had left it on his desk, next to a cup of pens and the small stuffed penguin he had won for her at the fair. It was a plastic cup overfilled with paperclips, which he found was useless. Simply a few would suffice, he kept telling her.

But she wouldn’t throw any away.

When she became too stressed or entered her over-thinking period, she would pour them out of the cup and lay them on the table, playing around with shapes and forms. It would de-stress her and time would pass, distracting her and calming her down. Simple. Vital.


Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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10 thoughts on “The de-stressing office objects

  1. Talk about sharing your toys…

    Well done! 😀

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  2. I used to stick pins on an eraser and pull them out one by one. Everyone has their way of de-stressing.

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  3. Dear Maria Christina,

    When I was a draftsman I saved my masking tape which I formed into a big ball. Now I play with and mold my kneaded eraser into different shapes. Great stress reducer. Nicely done.



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  4. Everyone has their way of coping with stress. Whatever works. Good story!

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  5. Good story. Maybe someone should buy her one of those de-stressing coloring books for her birthday?

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  6. Dale on said:

    Whatever works, I say. I colour 😉

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  7. We all need our stress busters.

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  8. Some of us need those distractions… maybe playing angry birds would work as well.

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  9. Like worry beads. Good idea 🙂

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