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A road to a different view


©Danny Bowman

They told him the difficult, winding roads, the ones less travelled are the ones that would lead him to the most beautiful destinations. To places he had never seen before, never even imagined. He decided to take the risk because he wanted some peace of mind.

It was cloudy, perhaps even preparing for rain. And the gravel was rough; he could feel his car panting. But he was determined to go on.

He could see it up ahead. Tranquility was expecting him.

It was as if an entire mountain was waiting for his arrival to show him a different perspective.


Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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6 thoughts on “A road to a different view

  1. The winding roads do create that opportunity. It’s not only a literal maxim, but it’s also a life lesson. Well done.

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  2. Straightforward writing. Good job.

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  3. The joys of discovering and exploring a new world will soon be his! We’ll done. 🙂

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