MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

The sound of rain on a tin roof


©J Hardy Carroll

Since they moved, they hadn’t been to their old neighbourhood. It had already been three years. They found themselves on their old street by chance, having taken a wrong turn.

It was still there, only seeming abandoned.

Their old studio. The one where they first met and became intimate. Where they shared their dreams and learnt about one another.

The one where they would crawl into each other’s arms to sleep on nights when their lullaby was the patter of rain on the tin roof.

Some sounds will always be associated to certain memories no matter how much time passes.


Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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12 thoughts on “The sound of rain on a tin roof

  1. Nicely done, Maria Christina. Sweet memories.



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  2. Familiar sounds can truly evoke old memories. Nicely observed.

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  3. So true. Some sounds are so evocative for me that I’m in instant tears. Sounds, smells, music–all will do that.

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  4. Happy memories! You’ve got it right: some sounds will always remind you of incidents and situations.

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  5. A chance encounter to re-awaken past passion, perhaps? Nice soft tone in this story, MC’s whispers.

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  6. As long as the sounds bring back fond memories, it’s a good feeling!
    Great piece!

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