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Believing in a dream


©Sandra Crook

Close your eyes and hold on to my hand”. Her ballroom dress fluttering in the light evening breeze. She was prepared for a royal evening. That’s was what her prince had promised. They were middle-class working people; two youngsters who met thanks to a common hobby. Dancing was their passion and what brought them closer together.

She had told him many times of her desire to attend a royal ball, but she never believed it would happen so soon. He took her early, so she could enjoy the springtime in the gardens, together with a romantic walk across the lake.


Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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14 thoughts on “Believing in a dream

  1. What a resourceful young man to lay on attendance at a Royal Ball! The only qualm I have is the romantic walk across the lake. I do hope there are stepping stones…

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  2. He’s definitely a keeper!

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  3. Beautiful story though I hope they didn’t walk across the lake. Hate to get the beautiful gown wet:)


  4. Absolutely delightful!

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  5. Sometimes dreams do come true. Nice one.

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  6. Sweet tale – my daughter would be jealous of her dream coming true 🙂

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  7. Dale on said:


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