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Capturing life


©Ted Strutz

Her first photo camera was a birthday present received as she entered puberty. It was accompanied by a card that read, “go explore the world out there and show us what you see”. It soon became an item she would never leave the house without.

Soon, that camera was replaced by one more expensive and specialised. It again came as a present and the prompt “so that you capture the beauty of life and never let it go”.

Years later, her photographs are worth millions. Yet she is content with a tripod, a friend and a sky full of stars.


Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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17 thoughts on “Capturing life

  1. Great take on the prompt. I am glad she hadn’t lost her humanity in the millions.

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  2. It’s wonderful when your hobby becomes your passion and your life.

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  3. ahhhh so money never interfered with the intrinsic motivation to do what she loves…
    🙂 nice

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  4. A friend and a sky full of stars. Pretty much all a person like that could ask for, along with her precious equipment of course. Lovely story.

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  5. Dale on said:

    That was simply a lovely read. How lucky that a first gift turned into a passion turned into a more-than-fantastic way to earn money….

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  6. Simple and satisfying, if only all our lives could be this way. Nicely done.

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  7. Lucky. Not because her pictures sold for millions but because she had found her mission in life. Lovely write.

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  8. You’ve written a lovely, upbeat story. How wonderful that your main character achieved artistic acclaim, and success – and yet was wise enough to know that happiness is “a tripod, a friend and a sky full of stars.”

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