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Season in bloom


©Fatima Fakier Deria

Once the season changed, they would take the garden furniture out and set it in its usual place under the large oak tree. They would spend an entire morning washing the winter dust off; playfully splashing each other with the garden hose. Then, they would allow the sun’s rays to rejuvenate them with new life, ready for the new summer memories that were to be created.

Spring was their favourite time. It was when everything in bloom reminded them that even after a harsh and dark winter, it would always be warm and bright again. You just had to wait.


Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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8 thoughts on “Season in bloom

  1. A beautiful reminder of those happy times, dusting off the garden furniture ready for those balmy late nights with wine and laughter in the garden.

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  2. Absolutely lovely slice of life story.

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  3. Lovely, and appropriate as we wait for the promised spring to take a firm grip here.

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  4. Lovely snippet of life.

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