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Escape boots

dadsshoesWhenever I wanted to get away…to escape from it all…from the mundane routine that was choking me, or bringing me down, I would put on these boots and go”. His voice was sore, as though it was suppressing all the pain he felt and from which he desired to flee from. The boots were a gift from a German friend. One with whom he would often go wandering in the mountains. It was the only way he could find some peace, some spiritual relaxation.

But now… If I could only remember where I left them”, he uttered almost in despair.


Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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20 thoughts on “Escape boots

  1. I enjoyed your story. Lost my glasses the other day. I was wearing them!

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  2. Well, where did you put them last? Ha ha – this happens to everyone. Funny story well written!

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  3. Probably on his feet, no really an enjoyable read with a lovely ending.

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  4. Perfect ending….

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  5. Loved your story – especially that ending!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  6. Oh boy, that last line was a punch in the gut. Too close to home. Well done.

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  7. Great ending. Great piece.

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  8. I like your tale. Those boots held a lot of magic this week.
    Is “his voice was soar” a typo? Sour maybe?

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  9. Great ending. He values them so much he probably put them somewhere safe and like I often do, now he can’t remember where


  10. Ha, the last line gave me a chuckle.

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