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Green happiness


©Ronda Del Boccio

When Martha first moved into her own house, her parents brought her a plant. There were no flowers, just green leaves. They told her that plants were necessary in our lives and our homes not only for the oxygen they provide, but for the meanings they give to us.

Martha didn’t quite understand.

At first she didn’t really care for the plant. She left it at some corner of the house with sunlight and regular water.

But she quickly came to realise that the more she cared for the plant the more it bloomed. It became her friend and inspiration.


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16 thoughts on “Green happiness

  1. Delightful story.

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  2. A fine story, plants are special, I love to see them thrive.

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  3. abhiray59 on said:

    Nice story. We need plants around us. If nothing else, they produce oxygen that we breathe.

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  4. That was a thoughtful gift from her parents. It’s good when a gift prompts you to do rewarding activities that you might not otherwise have found.

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  5. I like the way she takes care of the plant at first despite her lack of interest. And that the plant rewards her by thriving and becoming integral to her well-being. Lovely.

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  6. Delightful story. I love plants, but I’m not very good with them.

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  7. Ah, that was nice. I think plants are very restful to have around.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  8. Plants do have a magical inspiration and wonder about them, well told.

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