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Whispering Silences

Train to change

©Sandra Crook

The train had just pulled into the station and she could already feel the change.

Her tears had now dried up and she was ready – determined really – to start anew. Here, in this picturesque town in the middle of nowhere, she could be whomever she wanted. No-one knew her here. She could begin her life over.

She stepped out of the wagon and took in a deep breath of fresh air.

She didn’t notice him standing at the door of the station.

But to him she was a flash of light, that sign that life was about to get exciting.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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20 thoughts on “Train to change

  1. There is so many ways this could go. Enjoyed it.

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  2. Sounds like a double turning point. Good story.


  3. I like how you give us so much insight into her thoughts, emotions, hopes, and then the sudden shift in point of view at the end. Very effective. It seems that her future might not be what she imagines.

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  4. I hope this is going to be a positive experience for her. But I detect undertones…

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  5. Those train spotters are all the same – hanging around the station in their scruffy jackets. I hope she does better.

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  6. Sounds like he could be trouble for her.

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  7. This could go so many ways for her!
    I shall choose exciting!

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  8. It sounds as though her new life is going to be quite eventful!

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  9. You’ve captured a thought that I was having as I saw this picture early this morning. a thought that’s been germinating all day… working the logistics of it… gotta check train schedules, stations, etc. yeah,,, it might work, maybe… Thanks for the inspiration to pursue this thought further with your story this week! 🙂 ❤

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  10. sinister stuff!

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