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Like and Love

©Randy Mazie

The outer part of their house wasn’t very appealing, to keep the ‘bad eye’ out.

Their relationship was almost perfect. At first sight, they didn’t really seem compatible, yet, opposites attract. You don’t always choose who you’ll fall in love with, but sometimes you just fall with full force. And it lasts forever.

At their wedding, she remembered a phrase from her grandma: “you like someone because of some of their qualities, and you love them despite some of their qualities”.

Buddha said: “when you like a flower, you pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily”.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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16 thoughts on “Like and Love

  1. Aw, I really like this. Having just celebrated 50 years together, I could totally identify.

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  2. This was a lovely take.

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  3. Very beautiful.

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  4. I like this a lot. It reminds me of something I wrote in one of my books.

    If I may:

    “I’m still way too much in love with him.” … “I still love all the stupid, annoying things he does,” said Lucy. “When they actually annoy me, and I still want to be with him, then I’ll know I love him, and I’m ready.”

    “So you’re in love with him, but you don’t love him?” asked Dr. Konigsberg.

    “No, in love is an intense desire to be with someone,” said Lucy. “Love is an intense need to be with someone.” …. “I just think you have to know all the bad things about someone before you can really love them.”

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  5. I love the story and the saying at the end most of all.

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  6. What an interesting piece – you’ve really got me thinking now

    My tale – ‘No pain no gain!

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  7. Beautiful! As I am off this weekend to celebrate our 24th anniversary this story strikes a special cord. In so many ways, Hubby and I are polar opposites… creative versus engi-nerd types. But we’ve made a good go of it I believe.

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