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Blue lenses to another world

© CEAyr

He had recently gotten new blue glasses because he had misplaced – ergo lost – the previous ones.  She was so excited to see them left on an open book one afternoon.

She had been trying to get him to read forever.

Readers do that – they try to insert everyone in their magical world. That place where you can escape to from anywhere at any time. Where you can, temporarily at least, forget about the things troubling you. Where you can raise your mind and glimpse into another world, another perspective, another universe. And you always come out wiser, sometimes even bolder.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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23 thoughts on “Blue lenses to another world

  1. Abhijit Ray on said:

    Absorbing books and interesting writing can certainly take readers into a different world.

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  2. Perfect. I identify with this at every level 🙂

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  3. The lure of books is so strong for us readers – how could we possibly fathom those who are not into reading?

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  4. Yes, we all read to find ourselves.

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  5. I didn’t read a book until I was in my 40’s – until then I hadn’t realised what I’d been missng.

    My story is a but click away!


  6. Trying to nudge anyone into reading your story or book would be easy for some and not so easy for the limited educated. Nice story.

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  7. michael1148humphris on said:

    To open a book, fabulous

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  8. I too struggle to understand those that go through life insisting they ‘don’t read books’. Do they know what they are missing out on!?

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  9. The dream of every writer, to bring someone into a world that you create! Well written.

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  10. A graphic representation of the lure of books. Well done.

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  11. Dear Maria Christina,

    And as writers we hope to entice the reader into our world. Nicely done.



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