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Jury duty

©Ted Strutz

What makes a person fit to judge? No matter how much evidence they assess and review, what really gives anyone the right to decide the fate of another?

These were her first thoughts when she received the letter for jury duty. She had to go or faced a heavy fine and someone else would judge her instead.

But really, what gave her the responsibility of criticising another?

In court, the defendant presented his case with a series of old black-and-white photos. Memories of another lifetime no-one else could imagine.

Yet, his outcome was now in the hands of complete strangers.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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14 thoughts on “Jury duty

  1. It’s a civic duty. I’ve never met a person who likes to do it…

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  2. Dear Maria Christina,

    Some interesting questions and a unique take on the prompt. Lovely.



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  3. The jury system cannot work – the lawyer that tells the most convincing story in court, true or false, wins the case.

    Here’s my story

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  4. Better to be judged by strangers than your own kin or else justice would be perverted. How could you convict someone you love?


  5. Jury duty is the worst. The only time I’ve enjoyed it was “12 Angry Men” or “Runaway Jury.”

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  6. It’s not a perfect system, it’s open to many flaws, both individual and collective – but it is the best one we have for the moment.

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  7. It is, as you say, a responsibility rather than a right. To be be one of the judges of your peers, with all the attendent prejudice and blindness that entails

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