MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

Provincial lights

©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Two years had already passed since she decided to leave the city for a provincial town.

She still remembered how much time and anguish she had experienced; her mind a whirlwind of thoughts pecking her brain with all the things that could go right or wrong.

It was hard to change your entire life. To exit the safety of your comfort zone, of everything you are used to and feel comfortable with. But if you don’t, if you never take the leap, you’ll never know where life can take you.

She never regretted having found the courage to alter everything.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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11 thoughts on “Provincial lights

  1. Good inspirational story. Fear is the mindkiller as Paul Atriedes said.

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  2. Abhijit Ray on said:

    It is important to take chance in life. At least one will know what is his / her strength and weakness are. But most lack the courage.

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  3. I can relate to this tale having made such a leap myself many years ago. A risk but the best thing I ever did. Thanks for remnding me through your delightful tale!

    Here’s my story!.

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  4. A brave step, I’m glad it worked out for her.

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  5. Good for her. Most people never take the leap.

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