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Another’s vocation

©Roger Bultot

When you sit in a doctor’s chair, do you ever wonder what it’s like to be the one carrying out the patient examination?

When you pass through an architectural marvel, do you ponder about the person who had the idea and ability to create it?

When you read a book or see a film, do you admire the pen that wrote it?

Do you ever find yourself thinking of what it is like to be in another person’s shoes? To have another’s vocation or calling?

Every person is gifted, but some never open their package to find out their talent.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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16 thoughts on “Another’s vocation

  1. bearmkwa on said:

    I like it, yes, I do. Great take, and great questions to ask, too.

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  2. Some very true words writtnn there!

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  3. Wise words, if only everyone would understand.

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  4. I often wonder what it would be like to be a successful author! 🙂 Great response to the prompt.

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  5. What an interesting line of thinking this photo stirred for you. Well done.

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  6. Very true. There must be so much unused talent out there.

    Here’s my story!

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  7. Nice read


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  8. How true. Loved it.

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