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We all become what we pretend to be

©Dale Rogerson

As a child, she loved pretending and wearing costumes. Her favourite drama teacher warned that “no one can wear a mask for very long”. She needed to learn to distinguish when she was playing a role, and when she was being herself.

It was a dangerous thing to wear a mask and a costume; “we all become what we pretend to be”.

They strange thing she realised while acting was that a single person can wear many masks. And with each, they’ll tell another truth.

Yet, she loved to act; simply by changing looks and attitude, she could be anyone.

A man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth” – Oscar Wilde

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17 thoughts on “We all become what we pretend to be

  1. I wonder if anyone ever truly unmasks. How many of us know who we really are?

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  2. Brilliantly written.

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  3. with so many masks, when do we meet and know the real person?

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  4. Anonymity brings out the truth in us. Well told!

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  5. Interesting premise. I love the Oscar Wilde quote – I’ve heard other good one’s by him. Too bad he doesn’t live now. Life would have been much easier.

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  6. Some learn that being oneself draws punishment, so they learn to put on a mask. Trying to maintain authenticity is one of the biggest challenges any human can face.

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  7. They do say we’re never so much ourselves as when we’re wearing a mask

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  8. I like the idea of people needing a mask in order to really say what they think. Good story.

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