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Sentiments of a photo


There are photos that capture inside of them a bit of your soul. You look at them and can remember every single sentiment you felt in that very moment the photo was taken. You can sense the aura of the person you’re with. The feeling in the air around you. The emotions that ran inside of you.

There are photos like this that you want to keep forever. Or as long as that lasts.

But there are precisely those photos that hurt the most when that sentiment expires.

When you no longer feel that joy, you want all evidence removed.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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7 thoughts on “Sentiments of a photo

  1. Sharp insights there.

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  2. Some photos bring only pain, sort of like music. Our brains retain far more than we realize, and reminders are not welcome. Good writing.

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  3. Many good, thoughtful points in so little space. The last line is very moving.”When you no longer feel that joy, you want all evidence removed.” I’ve been there, and then years later, when my heart has recovered, wished I still had the evidence of something I could hardly remember.

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