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Whispering Silences

De-cluttering memories

©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

He arrived to find tens of cardboard boxes stacked outside the back door ready for use.

He stepped inside cautiously like a cat tiptoeing around obstacles.

Hello? Anyone here?

I’m in here!” His mum’s voice was faintly heard from the attic.

She was sitting around a series of memories, handkerchief in hand.

I saw a fridge dumped on the way home yesterday; so I decided to de-clutter the house”, she explained.

He looked around. There was a lifetime of objects, which to him didn’t mean much.

In our time, when something broke, we fixed it instead of throwing it away”.                           

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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15 thoughts on “De-cluttering memories

  1. I enjoyed your story. Spring Cleaning is a sad time for me – – I hate cleaning out anything that has memories attached to it. I have kept all the boys (4) papers they brought home in kindergarten and 1st grade. I’m a hoarder and I know it. I do attempt to clean out the attic every year though – still it is full. Nice story and I’m laughing at the mothers efforts to clean. Thanks for the entertainment!

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  2. Ah, so she is sorting out which things can go to the thrift store to be used by others. The child gets a clear message here. Wonderful take on the prompt.

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  3. True, that.
    And some of us still like to at least try to fix things if they break. 🙂

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  4. So much today has built-in obsolescence with no means of repair. How things have changed.

    Here’s mine!


  5. In our throw away society some appliances are seemly designed to be too difficult to fix.
    Also, if you are in a hurry to have a clear out – NEVER go into the attic you will be there forever and a day looking through all those wonderful memories.

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  6. A lot of de-cluttering has been happening lately with everyone stuck in their houses. Hopefully some finds have been reused and recycled,

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  7. Nice story. I particularly liked the line “He stepped inside cautiously like a cat tiptoeing around obstacles”

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