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Lotus date

© David Stewart

The lotus flower is unique in its beauty. People are often urged to be like it: to trust the light, grow through the dirt, and believe in new beginnings.

It may not last long in its bloom, but it offers a beautiful sight.

She couldn’t look at a lotus the same way after that night.

It was their first romantic outing in town. And everything seemed so princely. It was those feelings she could not forget, no matter if the details of the date eluded her thereafter.

It all seemed so ideal at first. So perfect.

But it doesn’t last.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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11 thoughts on “Lotus date

  1. all-that-is is in flux. that moment is but once and it’s a setup for disappointment to think it can last beyond. serial romances are alway chasing that high… good story to illustrate the concept.

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  2. So lovely, sad, and true. I love how the story builds to the twist ending.

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  3. Maybe a better match is waiting.

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  4. Bit of a downer. At least there was that perfect moment.

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  5. Ominous. We can probably pretty much guess what happened

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