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The hardest part of being away

©Todd Foltz

The hardest part of being forcibly away is not being able to hug you and receive back that warm heartbeat vibration.

The hardest part of being forced to be apart for so long is not being able to join our laughter in chorus in all our inside jokes; in all the things only we find funny.

Forced to be at a distance, we’re never really apart, and you know that.

I can feel you, just like you can sense me. Every mood and every thought resonates within each other.

I would still prefer not to be so many miles away.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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10 thoughts on “The hardest part of being away

  1. No matter how far away you are, you are always on my mind – the only expression that keeps me sane for the time being.

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  2. Beautifully said…speaks to all of us.

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  3. The isolation has been devastatingly hard for people who live alone, especially the elderly. It really isn’t good. But it seems like it will be the only way to slow this virus down!

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    • True. The whole situation is a challenge on mental health and sanity as well…

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      • My step-mother is really losing her mind because my father has dementia and they are stuck in the house much more than ever. He is still back and forth between “okay” and really confused but he still can’t really hold a conversation. Plus he asks the same questions over and over. I’m visiting now to give her a little break and when I go home the only thing I can do is send letters frequently to let her know she is being thought of.

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      • Every little thing you can do helps. Even if it’s just showing you care. Patience and optimism that things will get better.

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  4. I guess this speaks for many

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