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A magic herb

© Dale Rogerson

It was the image she held most prominently from the village house: the stone walls on which a large braid of garlic hung.

She found it amusing that tourists were always interested in this tradition of theirs. And she enjoyed her grandmother always having something new and interesting to tell them.

A pungent herb, garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants, worshipped by Egyptians as a god and used as a currency.

But its most widespread ‘use’ was to ward off the evil eye, to attract good luck, as well as to make you strong and bring you courage.

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10 thoughts on “A magic herb

  1. Strength and courage, of course. Today we know it’s medicinal properties–good for blood pressure, good for the heart, helps the common cold among a dozen other things. Just don’t eat it raw like a boy I knew in high school used to do. Phew!!

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  2. …but most of all, it’s delicious!

    Here’s mine!

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  3. Lovely how Gran would spin tales about the garlic traditions, it is how those wonderful myths begin and go on to become believable truths. I enjoyed your writing.

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  4. The folk traditions of garlic are so interesting, no surprise her grandmother’s stories would be a favorite of the tourists.

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