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One bright day


It was the first day in over a week that they woke up with sunshine streaming through their windows.

“We need to exploit this brightness!” she said all perky, jumping out of bed to draw the curtains so more light can get in.

“I know exactly how!” he replied.

He revealed a bicycle for her with a basket in front, just as she had coquettishly requested when she saw his own bicycle about a month ago.

They cycled to the marina, where he had prepared another surprise: a boat ride along the calm waters of the canal. Just for them.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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12 thoughts on “One bright day

  1. Aw…. Such a sweet story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Simple pleasures! What a charming little tale.

    Here’s mine!

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  3. How perfectly romantic. He knows the way to a woman’s affections. Thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and simple fun.

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  4. bearmkwa on said:

    That was beautiful.

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  5. Seems like happy times in love, as long as they are together.

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