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Whispering Silences


© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The first time she saw a person reading the news on television, she was dumbfounded. She was still young and naïve to believe that that anchor was all-knowledgeable; she didn’t know s/he was reading a script.

Nor did she know of the backstage scenes that took place in the studios. How behind the cameras there was an entirely different climate to the one on screen. The backstabbing, the blackmailing, the corruption, the power games, the extortions, the career-driven mongrels, the inhumanity that stemmed from greed and lust for publicity and ratings.

She discovered it all when she became an anchorwoman.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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23 thoughts on “Anchors

  1. Unfortunately, that is so very true… and not just in newscasting. I saw it in many of the jobs I worked over the decades. If nothing else, it’s the one reason I’m thankful not to be working anymore. I’m not that kind of person, nor do I wish to be.

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  2. Not as glamorous as it seems!

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  3. I can only imagine the chaos behind the scenes.

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  4. …and that’s just a news programme! Imagine what it’s like backset on a cookery programme – food fights, I bet!

    My story!

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  5. Yea, the mongrels are the worse. You have certainly raised a controversial view of TV broadcasting.


  6. That’s a discovery I made when I started work for a tv company. Nobody is who you think they are. They are who they want you to think they are.

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  7. It’s one of those dirty jobs that someone has to do. There is a price one must pay for celebrity. I saw part of an Eminem video the other day (why? you ask. I have no idea!) where he was singing about people in public need to leave him alone when he’s out and about with his family. Um. “The public” has made you millions and you diss them like that? Come on…

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  8. This feels like the introduction to a much longer story. I wonder how long she wll keep her idealism

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  9. And the scales fell from her eyes! I’ve always heard that journalists begin as idealists; doesn’t last long though.

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  10. True story when I started working in TV – I couldn’t believe behind the scenes was so chaotic every night on the news programme!

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  11. Be careful what you strive for, hmm?

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  12. And then what happened to her, I wonder?

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