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Drops of us

Water is the driving force of life. It is a known fact. Everything is composed of water in some form. Water and man made the planet as we know it today.

Perhaps that is why water is so powerful.

Why we turn to water in every form of it, seeking comfort, consolation, contentment.

Be it in a walk in a park with a water fountain, an excursion to high waterfalls, a playful day in the snow, a hot shower after a long and tiring day, water helps us regroup ourselves.

Perhaps most importantly, water is associated with emotion. It helps us with all stages of grief (a hot tea, a warm bath), of thirst (a cold drink, an ice cream), and it helps us heal, by reinforcing the sentiment of joy that is integral for our wellbeing. Water helps us rekindle our happiness, for without it –without that feeling of euphoria – we disintegrate and evaporate. Just like the water cycle that maintains life.

Water is a part of us. That is why we rejoice in seeing it around us, because it reminds us of a purity and authenticity that we lost. Because it proves that no matter how soft or fluid, it can patiently and persistently cut through hard rocks or form new paths to move forward.

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