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The perfect white

© Dale Rogerson

When you have a blank page staring back at you, there is something wanting about it. If you consider it, it’s full of opportunities, prospects, potential. The possibilities and stories with which to fill it up are endless.

There is something intrinsic about the colour white. It has class, elegance, purity, authenticity. It is like a diamond in the rough. It can be anything.

Perhaps that’s why we associate white with beginnings. Because it stores so much hope.

That’s why snow makes everything look pretty. Because it covers life’s imperfections and makes even wilted flowers look full of life again.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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22 thoughts on “The perfect white

  1. Michael Humphris on said:

    As a youngster I did love to see a blanket of snow, now I know why.🙂

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  2. Nice combo of prose and philosophy.

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  3. There’s something fresh about white especially a new covering of snow! Well done!

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  5. You’re right. Snow is a beautiful covering.

    Until it starts to melt.

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  6. This is a lovely piece.

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  7. There is always a moment of peace and solemn thought after the first fall of snow. I love it.

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  8. Writing tales on blank pages, writing messages in the snow. White invites us to write.

    My story!

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  9. Such a pretty story. I love what you did the prompt.

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  10. Almost wipes the slate clean, a very perceptive piece I think. Nicely done

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  11. This is all true, but the terror of empty page is our fear of taking the first step and blemishing it

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