MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

Forest getaway

© Alicia Jamtaas

It was the need to get away from the hassle of the city. The exasperation of constantly having to please everyone. The disappointment of the selfishness that dominated the world. The desire to simply disappear.

It all led to a forest he had discovered long ago. It was a finding that occurred by chance, but that remained imprinted in his mind.

It only took a moment for the decision to be taken.

And a few days before its full implementation.

He would finally mange to relax. To detox. To clear his mind and allow his soul to relax. Right there.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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15 thoughts on “Forest getaway

  1. Sounds like a perfect place to unwind and detox – in the lap of Nature!

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  2. Solitude for sure. Place to go if you want to be left alone – except for the spies who watch you. They think you are losing it!

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  3. A wonderful thought! I think many of us would like to get away these days.

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  4. The title of a movie I once watched comes to mind: “Far from the Madding Crowd.” He knew where it was and how to reach it, which is saying a lot. Good story, MC.

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  5. Right now, that sounds like a great decision.

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  6. So true that happiness can be found in solitude, a chance to recharge and appreciate life. Great story of escapism.

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  7. That sounds like a good plan!

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