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The source of a storyteller

© Roger Bultot

Being a tourist in an unknown place entails the extraordinary emotion of discovering something new, that you often don’t even expect to find.

We wander to distract our minds, to escape a mundane routine, to change sceneries and perspectives on life.

But we travel for fulfilment; to breathe in as much of the world as possible, to open our minds to things beyond the obvious.

Travelling may leave us speechless, so that we can later become storytellers.

For it is better to witness places first-hand even just once, than to simply read about them.

It’s about the sentiments they awaken.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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21 thoughts on “The source of a storyteller

  1. “Travelling may leave us speechless, so that we can later become storytellers.” Great line. Sometimes better to shut up when you’re a stranger in a strange land.

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  2. well said, about story telling


  3. So true. I love your musings on the allure of travel, and the notion of remaining silent as you store up memories for storytelling. Lovely ideas.

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  4. Indeed. But there is also both. Knowing a culture can save us embarrassment. Well done.

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  5. Oh yes, oh yes! It is the best thing ever.

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  6. So many opportunities we’ve missed in the past two years – must start to catch up!

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  7. Very true, and a reminder of how restricted we have been for the last couple of years.

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  8. This is so true. But only if we leave our cell phones and cameras at home, so we’re really there, not just “making memories”

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  9. Very true – story tellers need to find their inspiration in many places.

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